Wormlight – Nightmother – CD

Band: Wormlight

Label: Black Lion Records

Format: CD


Nightmother is the second full length from Swedish Wormlight following their praised debut Wrath Of The Wilds, Wormlight’s Nightmother creates a tidal wave of forceful desperation. The melodic leads ride this wave in bright, yet ominous, tones, giving an intriguing duality to the sound of this Umeå based quartet. A strong, yet creative rhythm section gives the album a momentum capable of lulling the
listener into a (false) sense of ease and equally capable of utter obliteration.

Wormlight present us with a tutorial on how to make melodic black metal which is rich, vibrant, and engaging.

1 Nightmother
2.The Whisphering Night
3.Blood Wine And Spirits
4.Hounds Of Apophrades
7.Aeon Of the Wolves
8.The Deadlight Descent
9.By Empty Cradles

GENRE: Melodic Black Metal
BARCODE: 804859739568