Wormlight – Bloodfields – CD

Band: Wormlight

Label: Black Lion Records

Format: CD


Wormlight’s second EP: “Bloodfields” This version of the Ep contains two bonus tracks and will be made available worldwide.  Basically, Wormlight love classic Swedish Black Metal… there’s just a touch of Swedish Death mixed in too. Their music takes me back to an old tape I had… and I’ve not idea which one. I’m sure it was something Golden Lake distributed sometime in the mid 90s.

2.Pitch Black Hatred
3.Towards Impious Domination
4.The Bloodfields
5.Wormlight Invictuz vox (Bonus)
6.The Bloodfields Invictuz vox (Bonus)

GENRE: Melodic Black Metal
BARCODE: 0645789991127