71 Tonman (Poland) – War Is Peace Peace Is Slavery – (Metallic Effect CD)

Band: 71 Tonman (Poland)

Label: Transcending Obscurity

Format: CDD


As the name suggests, 71TonMan are purveyors of earth‐shatteringly heavy music and their brand of doom/sludge metal furthermore is acerbic and crust‐scraping. Bands in this style rarely have this scathing, face‐melting sound and it’s strangely addictive, particularly the combination of huge, stomping riffs and absolutely vile vocals delivered in an almost grindcore manner. The contrast against the backdrop of collapsing buildings and the ensuing chaos and all‐round mayhem is gratifying despite this being an EP, a precursor for something even greater to come. We revel in quality sludge and this pairs well with the mammoth release of the sludgelords Eremit, for that matter even Subterraen and Jupiterian in the past, even though the expression of this one is unparalleled.

1.War Is Peace
2.Peace Is Slavery
3.Ignorance Is Strength

GENRE: Sludge Metal
BARCODE: 750238965434