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    71 Tonman (Poland) - War Is Peace  Peace Is Slavery - (Metallic Effect CD)

    71 Tonman (Poland) – War Is Peace Peace Is Slavery – (Metallic Effect CD)

    As the name suggests, 71TonMan are purveyors of earth‐shatteringly heavy music and their brand of doom/sludge metal furthermore is acerbic and crust‐scraping. Bands in this style rarely have this scathing, face‐melting sound and it's strangely addictive, particularly the combination of huge, stomping riffs and absolutely vile vocals delivered in an almost grindcore manner ...
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    Abscession - Rot Of Ages - CDD

    Abscession – Rot Of Ages – CDD

    Atavistic HM-2 driven Swedish style death metal is given a sense of refined German death metal structuring and tempered with shimmering melodies, making Abscession's new album 'Rot of Ages' the epitome of immaculately balanced old school death metal music. The music maintains a brisk and punchy crust/punk derived tempo throughout, deftly punctuating ...
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    Acausal Intrusion - Nulitas - CDD

    Acausal Intrusion – Nulitas – CDD

    A duo from the United States, ACAUSAL INTRUSION play chaotic technical death metal tapping into regions beyond time and space, a vessel for ancient and unknown forces to channel into this earth, to dismantle the psyche and destroy the ego.

    Wrapped in a sinister and disturbing cover painting by visionary artist Daniele ...
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    Advent Of Fire - Verikaste - CDD

    Advent Of Fire – Verikaste – CDD

    ADVENT OF FIRE combines the vulgar lyrics of traditional death metal with a more melodic sound, bringing "death" back to melodic death metal. The presence of death is also present in live shows using real blood.TRACK LISTING
    1- Alku
    2- Verikaste
    3- Pelkkää vihaa
    4- Petos
    5- Koston päivä
    6- Teuras
    7- Ruhonsyöjä

    GENRE: Old-School Death Metal
    BARCODE: 3663663009307 ...
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    Agalloch - Of Stone, Wind & Pillor - CDD

    Agalloch – Of Stone, Wind & Pillor – CDD

    20th Anniversary release of Agalloch`s classic early recording, now remastered and equipped with extended artwork in a nice package.

    "The song “Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor” is significant for a couple of reasons. First, it’s one of our oldest songs having been written by John after the From Which of this ...
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    Ager Sonus - Niflheim - CDD

    Ager Sonus – Niflheim – CDD

    Ager Sonus presents us an album that explore the outer planes of existence on Niflheim 800 AD, an era of conquest, conflict and war. Another trip into the unknown, another seemingly endless day, another battlefield. The feeling of cold rain on your skin, the smell of rotten wood, mud, burning huts and blood ...
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    Alberto Rigoni - For The Love Of Bass - CDD

    Alberto Rigoni – For The Love Of Bass – CDD

    After the success of his latest prog rock album "Odd Times", Italian bassist & composer Alberto Rigoni (BAD As, Natural Born Machine, The Italians, Vivaldi Metal Project), now releases his 10th solo album. As the title suggests, the instrumentation is exclusively electric bass, spanning ambient, fusion, jazz and new age styles. "It ...
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    Alda - A Distant Fire - CDD

    Alda – A Distant Fire – CDD

    Originating from the forested hills of western Washington State, Alda have crafted a distinct blend of Black Metal, Folk, and Post-rock for over twelve years, releasing three full-length albums between 2009 and 2015, playing selective live shows in North America and embarking on their first European Tour in 2018. Throughout their ...
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    Alkuharmonian Kantaja - Shadowy Peripherals - CDD

    Alkuharmonian Kantaja – Shadowy Peripherals – CDD

    ALKUHARMONIAN KANTAJA (in English, "One Who Carries The Original Harmony") is a fresh perspective back into the world of avant-garde black metal of the days gone. An entity born in Oulu, Finland in 2020 by J. Usurper of KHANUS fame (bass, guitars, vocals), complimented by the likewise Oulu native S. Redeemer (drums) ...
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    Alphaxone - Ghost Machine - CDD

    Alphaxone – Ghost Machine – CDD

    Alphaxone serves us a soothing and textural sonic space on Ghost Machine Blinking lights and the hum of a thousand machines fill the industrial halls. Beeps echo down dark chasms from where rusty pipes and dusty cables stretch out like tentacles. Down here, in the heart of the memory storage facility, the whispers ...
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    Alphaxone & Protou - Back To Beyond - CDD

    Alphaxone & Protou – Back To Beyond – CDD

    Alphaxone & ProtoU team up once again with a sequel to the album Startdust, with Back to Beyond.1. Future Underground 09:15
    2. Dreams of Solace 05:17
    3. Quantum Zero 09:20
    4. The Edge of Perception 06:30
    5. Through the Golden Dust 06:23
    6. Regenesis 03:35
    7. Delusions of Omniscience 09:28
    8. Myriad Disguises 06:52

    GENRE: Dark Ambient/Ambient/Drone
    BARCODE: 5902693143949 ...
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    Ancient - The Cainian Chronicle - CDD

    Ancient – The Cainian Chronicle – CDD

    25 YEARS ANNIVERSARY RE-EDITION OF THE 1996 ALBUM OF COLD NORTHERN DARKNESSThe powerful second fullength album by Ancient sees an anniversary re-issue in celebration of its 25 years existence. The original thunderous production (courtesy of Dan Swanö) and the original cover art by Alex Kurtagic remain in tact and are supplemented with ...
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    Arachnes - A New Day - CDD

    Arachnes – A New Day – CDD

    On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the original release, Music for the Masses Records releases
    for the first time on cd the album A NEW DAY by the vetrans Prog Power Metallers ARACHNES with a
    Bonus Track - Arachnes are an Italian prog metal band.

    The band was formed in 1995, ...
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    Autumnia - …And Your Autumnia - CDD

    Autumnia – …And Your Autumnia – CDD

    After 11 long years of silence best Ukrainian Death Doom band back with new album, full of grief, suffering and despair.TRACK LISTING
    1. Karma Negativa (02:13)
    2. A Moment of Delight (08:50)
    3. And Many Shining Days Ahead (05:24)
    4. In Loving Memory of Us(07:52)
    5. Your Grievous Eden (05:26)
    6. To Eternal Bliss (04:49)
    7. O'Funeralia ...
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    Balmog - Eve - CDD

    Balmog – Eve – CDD

    War Anthem Records proudly presents "EVE", the fourth full-length of BALMOG! Like needles in your heart… cold and unstoppable horror is what this Spanish band from the valley of Soutomaior offers in their new album. This new step forward after the release of last year’s highly acclaimed "Pillars Of Salt" EP, ...
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