Ablaze My Sorrow – Black – CD

Band: Ablaze My Sorrow

Label: Black Lion Records

Format: CD


After a long and exhausting half year but with a fresh album out its time to once again open the vault and bring back something from the past, in 2016 Ablaze My Sorrow returned after a slumber and the result was BLACK an intense modern take on their Gothenburg sound razorsharp melodic death metal! originally released on German label Apostasy Records in 2016.

With the world slowly transcending into somewhat of a resemblance of the normality we knew what would be a better fit to hopefully end this past black year then a proper CD re issuing of their 2016 album Black but this time as an exclusive Digipak CD, along with a vinyl , Tape version for late 2022, “Black in itself is not just a colour but a feeling of darkness one that we all can identify with these past year gone by ” Black is the not just the colour but the feelings of dread we all seem to be surrounded by. This is more than just a phrase in our life but a statement which can refer to many different moods. Dark thoughts of mankind and feelings of hopelessness can perhaps can simply be described as „Black“. the darkness we have all felt in these past year.

That’s why the title fits the new record by Ablaze My Sorrow better. 14 years after “Anger, Hate And Fury”, the band presented their new gloomy melodic death metal by the group after having reformed in 2013! 2021 Black Lion is proud to announce the full re issue for the back catalog album Black.

1. Black
2. One Last Sting
3. Tvåenighet
4. When All Is…
5. Send The Ninth Plague
6. To Reclaim What Is Ours
7. Insomnia
8. Blood Heritage
9. Razorblade Revolution
10. The Storm
11. My Blessing

GENRE: Melodic Death Metal
BARCODE: 0671339876224