Evilfeast – Lost Horizons Of Wisdom – CD

Band: Evilfeast

Label: Eisenwald

Format: CD

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Originally released in 2008, Lost Horizons of Wisdom is a hauntingly mystical black metal album, with just the right does of ambience mixed in to the sonic journey.
A truly atmospheric black metal record, which evocative nature is matched by its flawless lo-fi production of ghostly guitars, ethereal synths and classic 90`s aesthetics.
Evilfeast’s lone multi-instrumentalist, GrimSpirit, extended his work with this 5-track long, grand 3rd album and with over two decades worth of cultivated underground black metal under his belt, it is easy to see why Evilfeast belongs alongside Burzum, Paysage d’Hiver and Midnight Odyssey.

1.Algol’s Northern Lights 11:42
2.Grim Spirit, the Forest Wanderer 11:05
3.Cages of Cold Despondency 13:11
4.My Tower Among the Timeless Mountains 19:51
5.Lost Horizons of Wisdom 14:10

Genre: Black Metal
Barcode: 4260393742758