Akvan – Forgotten Glory – Vinyl

Band: Akvan

Label: Subsound Records

Format: Vinyl


This work is dedicated to the noble people of Iran. May we one day return to forgotten glory.
credits released May 20, 2022 Released September 25, 2017 Music and lyrics written and performed by Akvan Akvan is: Vizaresa – Vocals, Setar, Tar, Guitars, and Drums All tracks appearing on this album were written, performed, and recorded by Vizaresa throughout various locations in Tehran, Iran and Isfahan, Iran.

A1. The Path to Chaos
A2. King ov Kings
A3. Realm ov Fire
B1. Tabaristan
B2. Blood ov Zal
B3. Interlude
C1. Fire and Steel
C2. Legacy
D1. IR 655
D2. Silence ov Butterflies

GENRE: Black Metal
BARCODE: 0631978873343