Massimo Pupillo – The Black Iron Prison – Vinyl

Band: Massimo Pupillo

Label: Subsound Records

Format: Vinyl


MASSIMO PUPILLO is a bass and double bass player and composer, well known for playing in
experimental jazz metal trio Zu, with whom he released 15 albums on labels like Atavistic /
Touch’n’Go (USA), Southern (EU), Heads (Japan), Ipecac Records (USA), and numerous singles and
splits with other labels. His sound features darkness, spirituality, strangeness and beauty
prominently. His creativity is infinite, whether in the electronic research or the instrumental

1 . My Inaugural Address At The Great White Throne Judgement of The Dead
2. Pistis Sophia
3. The Great Tribulation
4. The Black Iron Prison

GENRE: Experimental/Dark/Ambient
BARCODE: 0718910604330