Albert Verrecchia – Roma Drogata – La Polizia Non Puo Intervenire – Vinyl


Band: Albert Verrecchia

Label: Subost

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SUBOSTO1O
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It is a record of rare beauty that collects the soundtrack of a 1975 film entitled “Roma drogata: the Police cannot intervene” (in English “Hallucination Strip”) directed by Lucio Marcaccini. If you are interested, it can be found in its entirety on Youtube. The soundtrack was written by Albert Verrecchia, a French composer (but I assume originally from Italy) who came to Italy in the 1960s forming the group I Pyranas, with whom he recorded two albums released on Arc. In the ’70s Verrecchia devoted
himself mainly to the creation of soundtracks, including the one presented here.

Unlike other film score composers, Verrecchia preferred electric sounds to orchestral arrangements. This record contains interesting songs in rock and blues style, with some psychedelic influence. Among the musicians participating in the disc are Cyan, the Baba Yaga, Toni Esposito and the singer Sammy Barbot (who perhaps we remember best as the host of two television programs from the 80s, Piccolo Slam and Popcorn). Cyan are an old acquaintance of ours, to whom we can attribute a 33rpm in 1972 and a handful of singles; The Baba Yaga were a female trio who released a single in 1972; finally Toni Esposito who needs no introduction. The singer Edda Dell’Orso also appears in two songs, with her soprano voice. In short, a unique disc in the panorama of Italian soundtracks.

1.Sequenza 1 – Titoli 04:38
2.Sequenza 2 01:06
3.Sequenza 3 01:22
4.Sequenza 4 02:41
5.Sequenza 5 01:30
6.Sequenza 6 04:23
7.Sequenza 7 07:23
8.Sequenza 8 01:57
9.Sequenza 9 09:12
10.Sequenza 10 01:01
11.Sequenza 11 03:00
12.Sequenza 12 01:31
13.Sequenza 13 03:26
14.Sequenza 14 05:10
15.Sequenza 15 00:32
16.Sequenza 16 01:05
17.Sequenza 17 02:12
18.Sequenza 18 03:39
19.Sequenza 19 – Titoli Strumentale 04:24

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