Aridus – Serpent Moon – CD

Band: Aridus

Label: Eisenwald

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: EISEN232CD
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The distant howl of coyotes echoes through the desert night. Over a windswept mesa the Serpent Moon rises. This is how Galen Baudhuin (Wolves In The Throne Room, Infera Bruo, Street Tombs and more) envisions the debut album of ARIDUS. In conspiracy with Eisenwald, he takes you on a journey to his majestic and hostile homeland in the American high desert and through the inevitable stages of human existence.

ARIDUS is an outlet for multi-instrumentalist Galen Baudhuin’s more overt black metal material. GB handled all instrumentation across the entire album, challenging himself to represent his creative vision unaided. This vision is deeply rooted in the unforgiving nature and beauty of the high desert of the southwestern United States. A sinister sonic landscape that resonates with a somber, dark energy.

“Serpent Moon is a very personal album,” Baudhuin explains. “It was written after I moved back to my hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico, after living in New England for many years.“ He quickly reconnected with the barren soil of his childhood years and began to reflect on life through the lens of this fascinating landscape. Consequently, the record follows the process of aging, decay and ultimately death. The concept is not only realized through the lyrics, but also reflected in the music. Musical themes reappear in altered forms throughout. 

Raw, pitch black riffs create a murky mood of morbidity and magick, while haunting lead guitar melodies swirl through the darkness like desert wind, only interrupted by interludes of synth and field recordings, invoking vast landscapes before the inner eye. The album was recorded and mixed by GB in various locations in Santa Fe and mastered by Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts etc.). The artwork was created by the skilled hands of Artem Grigoryev. The logo was crafted in the tombs of Karmazid.
Walk the barren path of the desert night. Join ARIDUS and let the Serpent Moon guide you.
Deathly silence awaits, and in the end: transcendence.

1. Aridus
2. Serpent Moon
3. Spectre of Despair
4. Bearer of Silence
5. Reptilian Sleep
6. The Infinite Corridor

GENRE: Black Metal
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