Arthur Falcone Stargazer – Straight To The Stars – CD

Band: Arthur Falcone Stargazer

Label: Elevate Records

Format: CD


Third album for Arthur Falcone ‘Stargazer the combo led by Arthur Falcone one of the most famous neoclassical guitarists on the European and international scene so much so that the famous Japanese magazine’ Young Guitar ‘has inserted his second album’ The Genesis Of The Prophecy ‘between the 70 best guitar records of all time.

This new album sees a comeback in style with exceptional guests such as Titta Tani (Goblins / Dgm), Goran Edman (Malmsteen / Glory / Brazen Abbott), Mistheria and with Rob Rock writing most of the songs.

GENRE: Neoclassical Metal/Guitar
BARCODE: 606707301626

1. The Cradle
2. The Only One
3. Secret Of Roswell
4. Straight To The Stars
5. Black Fairy
6. Gipsy Lady
7. Paradise
8. Soldier of Fortune
9. Siren Of Darkness
10. Distant Star
11. I’ll See The Light Tonight