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    Celtic Hills - Mystai Keltoy - CD

    Celtic Hills – Mystai Keltoy – CD

    Second album for this band that has in its DNA a classic Teutonic power metal and a melodic death metal. The first album ‘Blood Over Intents’ received rave reviews all over the world and this new ‘Mystai keltoy’ just picks up on the strengths trying to enhance them. The production is entrusted ...
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    Embrace Of Souls - The Number Of Destiny - CDD

    Embrace Of Souls – The Number Of Destiny – CDD

    Embrace of Souls, are the group born from the mind of Michele Olmi. The basic idea was to build a symphonic power metal band by bringing together, between regular members and guests, all the best of Italian power.The first choice was to recruit the voice of Rhapsody of Fire, Giacomo Voli who ...
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    Espada - Caleu - CD

    Espada – Caleu – CD

    TRACK LISTING1. Penasco Gris2. Camino de Ilusion3. El encuentro4. Negacion5. Destello veloz6. No se acabara7. Nunca me ha ido peor8. Solo un pocoGENRE: Heavy MetalBARCODE: 606707596695 ...
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    Gravestone - Ars Arcana - CD

    Gravestone – Ars Arcana – CD

    Third Album for Death Metallers which marks a great change of course. Firstly the change of line-up with the entry of singer Simona ‘Sandcrow’ Guerrini which makes the band one of the few death metal bands to include a female singer, secondly to record an incredible change of sounds that ...
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    Numenor - Draconian Age - CD

    Numenor – Draconian Age – CD

    The style of the Númenor is truly unique: a mix between Epic, Power and Heavy Metal of the 80s / 90s and the Scandinavian Black / Death Metal of the 90s. Different influences: Iron Maiden, Rhapsody / Luca Turilli, Blind Guardian, Bal-Sagoth, Covenant, Arcturus, the first Dimmu Borgir and Old ...
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    Numenor - The Colossal Darkness (Reissue) - CD

    Numenor – The Colossal Darkness (Reissue) – CD

    De luxe reissue for the first Numenor album, nowhere to be found and in demand. For the occasion, the tracks have been remastered and two bonus tracks (Iron Maiden and Raimbow covers) have been added. The graphics are also completely revised and enriched. TRACK LISTING1. Opus Draconis2. The Eternal Champion3 ...
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    Prowlers, The - Closing Circle - CD

    Prowlers, The – Closing Circle – CD

    Fifth album for this band that, born as a cover band of Iron Maiden, over time has been able to evolve by proposing, album after album, a sound that is detached from that of the origins, moving towards a melodic metal with strong power influences. This new ‘Closinc Circle’ as the name ...
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    Stratofortress - Anthems Of The World - CD

    Stratofortress – Anthems Of The World – CD

    Anthems of the world is an album which includes 14 StratovariuS hits totally re-recorded by great artists such us: Mike LePond (Symphony X), Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson, Vivaldi Metal Project), Beto Vazquez Infinity, Eagleheart, Sunrise, Marko Pukkila (Altaria), Bob Katsionis (Firewind), Patrik J Selleby (Bloodbound, Shadowquest), Juhani Malmberg (guitarist of Timo Kotipelto) to name ...
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