Batmobile – The Clarendon Ballroom Blitz – Live At The Klub Foot – Coloured Vinyl )

Band: Batmobile

Label: Trophy Records

Format: Vinyl


Batmobile are probably the European Psychobilly scene’s most beloved band and are still touring now after 40 years together with the same line up. This album was recorded in the 80s at the legendary Klub Foot venue in London. First time on vinyl.

A1. Transylvanian Express
A2. Slapping Suspenders
A3. Love Disease
A4. Frenzy
A5. Mission Impossible
A6. Ballroom Blitz
A7. Zombie Riot
B1. Racing With The Sun
B2. Ain’t Gonna Drink No More
A3. Bat Attack
A4. Bamboo Land
B5. Chasin’
B6. Cold Sweat

GENRE: Psychobilly
BARCODE: 5024545970913