Beyond The Ghost – Sundown – CDD

Band: Beyond The Ghost

Label: Cryo Chamber

Format: CDD


Beyond the Ghost presents his third album in the Europa Series, a futuristic, bleak and moving sound
voyage that merges electronics and acoustics Rome, the year is 2062. The whole of Europe has been falling apart for 2 years now. No one is quite sure what war even means at this point. In Rome, a few dozen soldiers of The Alliance fight against small groups of citizens who joined the resistance. Those who are too scared just hide away in bombed-out houses, starving to death, losing their mind. A city that was once beautiful has become the stage for an absurd tragedy of power struggles gone awry. As the sun sets over the Colosseum, a few gunshots and screams echo in the dead of night, the final tremors of a derelict world crumbling to nothingness.

1. Sundown 08:07
2. The Darkest Night Ever 05:05
3. Lives in Reverse 08:56
4. Memories of an Old City 05:44
5. No Way Out of This Maze 05:04
6. Relics 05:49
7. Chiaroscuro 08:00
8. Ghosts Marching Home 05:48
9. Obscuration 10:36

GENRE: Dark Ambient/Ambient/Drone
BARCODE: 5902693145141