Beyond The Ghost – The Last Resort – CDD

Band: Beyond The Ghost

Label: Cryo Chamber

Format: CDD


BERLIN, the year is 2060. The whole of Europe is fraught with sickness and poverty and tensions are arising between the remaining populations. Resources are low, war is imminent. The streets are cold and lonely. The shining sun has become a notion of the distant past.

Every day feels darker than the next. The people who are left stay locked inside, fearing for their lives. There is nothing left to do but wait out the inevitable doom. An old club called ‘The Last Resort’ is one of the only places that’s still open. There, a few brave and lonely souls gather together to drink the night away to the woeful tunes of the house band. Between sets, a broken alert system in the streets can still be heard, blasting out remnants of news that don’t make sense anymore, like echoes of foreign voices lost in transmission. Against all odds, a few letters of the club’s neon light still flicker on and off, illuminating the patrons’ faces, their expressions hanging heavy with loss and pain.

Few words are exchanged, and yet their devout presence during such times makes us wonder: will they accept their defeat or will they fight for a better future? But for now, they are only focused on making it safely home after the last call, their heads hung low, their feet shuffling through the darkness, humming to the sounds they just heard, to mourn the loss of one more day during these sorrowful and suspended times.

Track Listing:
1. Opiated Dreams 06:34
2. The Darkness Before My Eyes 04:51
3. Late Night at The Last Resort 05:54
4. A Transient Shelter 07:00
5. The Sadness of All Things 05:32
6. Red Curtains 05:10
7. The Perils of Dawn 05:08
8. Last Call 08:19

Genre: Dark Ambient, Ambient, Drone
Barcode: 5902693143536