Bill Carter – Ramblin’ Fever The Complete Recordings 1953 – 1961 – CD

Band: Bill Carter

Label: Bear Family

Format: CD


2‐CD (Digisleeve, 6‐plated), 52‐page booklet, 67 tracks. Total playing time approx. 155 min.

Bill Carter was born in 1929 in Eagleton, Arkansas, moved with his family to Oklahoma in 1937 and six years later to Indio, California. His family encouraged the teenager’s interest in music and paid for his singing lessons. Before joining the U.S. Air Force in 1949, he had already performed on several local radio stations. During his military service in California, he formed his first C&W bands and performed in the San Francisco area and at a radio station in San Antonio, Texas.

After completing his military service in 1953, Carter joined Jim DeNoone’s country band as a vocalist and performed at the ‘California Hayride’ in San Francisco and elsewhere. The band’s recordings for Gilt‐Edge Records, produced that same year, feature Bill Carter as a singer for the first time. He eventually formed his own trio, with whom he worked regularly over the next five years, aiming to become known beyond the local area. During the 1950s in California, he and his band accompanied numerous big names in country music such as Marvin Rainwater, Lefty Frizzell, Freddie Hart, T‐Texas Tyler and Buck Owens on tour on the West Coast.

Between 1956 and 1961, Carter recorded under his own name for small and mid‐sized labels such as 4‐Star, Republic, Tally, Black Jack, Honey B, ‘D’, Rural Rhythm and Ozark. The 1957 up‐tempo number I Wanna Feel Good, produced in Bakersfield, California for Tally, became his biggest hit and opened the doors to the ‘Louisiana Hayride’ and the ‘Grand Ole Opry’. In the years after 1961 Carter followed a new personal orientation and produced Christian Country Music from then on.

With this double CD Bear Family Records® delivers the comprehensive work show on the career of the versatile Bill Carter. Of the total of 67 tunes, only the ten best rockers were previously released on Bear Family’s 10″LP ‘Cool Tom Cat’ (BAF14010). So Carter’s complete commercial recordings from the years 1953‐‘61 are united on this double album! The detailed liner notes are written by Michael Hurtt, who together with Billy Miller, deceased five years ago, wrote the great book ‘Mind Over Matter’ about the history of Detroit’s Fortune label!

Track listing:
CD #1
01 A Woman’s Way ‐ Bill Carter
02 A Story Book Affair ‐ Bill Carter
03 I Couldn’t Keep From Crying ‐ Bill Carter
04 That’s Me Without You ‐ Bill Carter
05 Mexican Joe ‐ Bill Carter
06 Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship ‐ Bill Carter
07 Big Jim Boogie ‐ Big Jim De Noone
08 Honeycut Stomp ‐ Big Jim De Noone
09 Wednesday Night Swing ‐ Big Jim De Noone
10 Wild Strings ‐ Big Jim De Noone
11 Long Lost Girl ‐ Big Jim De Noone
12 Making Believe ‐ Bill Carter
13 More Than A Man Can Stand ‐ Bill Carter
14 You Ain’t Got My Address ‐ Bill Carter
15 By The Sweat Of My Brow ‐ Bill Carter
16 Mama Loves Papa (And Papa Loves The Women) ‐ Bill Carter
17 I Wanna Feel Good ‐ Bill Carter
18 I Knew Her When ‐ Bill Carter
19 I Used To Love Her ‐ Bill Carter
20 Too Used To Being With You ‐ Bill Carter
21 Baby Brother ‐ Bill Carter
22 Ride Gunman, Ride ‐ Black Jack Wayne & The Rovin’ Gamblers
23 Ramblin’ Fever ‐ Bill Carter
24 Half Hour Til Sundown ‐ Bill Carter
25 Stowaway ‐ Bill Carter
26 Seven Years ‐ Bill Carter
27 When God Dips His Love In My Heart ‐ Bill Carter
28 Amazing Grace ‐ Bill Carter
29 This World Is Not My Home ‐ Bill Carter
30 Where We Never Grow Old ‐ Bill Carter
31 Cool Tom Cat (unedited tape fragment) ‐ Bill Carter
32 Secret Date (unedited version) ‐ Bill Carter
33 Secret Date ‐ Bill Carter
CD #2
01 Cool Tom Cat ‐ Bill Carter
02 Jailer Man (unedited) ‐ Bill Carter
03 Jailer Man ‐ Bill Carter
04 Jailer Man (alt. take with guitar overdub) ‐ Bill Carter
05 Legend Of Billy The Kid (unedited) ‐ Bill Carter
06 Legend Of Billy The Kid ‐ Bill Carter
07 Cross Road ‐ Bill Carter
08 Good Lord To Keep Me Happy ‐ Bill Carter
09 Won’t You Go There With Me ‐ Bill Carter
10 Full Time Religion ‐ Bill Carter
11 Thank You Dear Lord ‐ Bill Carter
12 Only A Tramp On The Street ‐ Bill Carter
13 Your Last Day On Earth ‐ Bill Carter
14 God’s Mansion In The Sky ‐ Bill Carter
15 Ain’t You Gonna Change ‐ Bill Carter
16 The Gates Of Glory ‐ Bill Carter
17 Where You Gonna Hide ‐ Bill Carter
18 Glory In Your Soul ‐ Bill Carter
19 Pony Express ‐ Bill Carter
20 You’ll Never Know ‐ Bill Carter
21 Dreambowl Commercial with Black Jack Wayne ‐ Bill Carter
22 Colt 45 ‐ part I ‐ Bill Carter
23 Colt 45 ‐ part II ‐ Bill Carter
24 Shot Four Times And Dyin’ ‐ Bill Carter
25 Stranger Shake Hands With A Fool ‐ Bill Carter
26 The 12th Man ‐ Bill Carter
27 From Time To Time ‐ Bill Carter
28 I’ll Be Still Loving You ‐ Bill Carter
29 Steamboat’s A‐Comin’ ‐ Bill Carter
30 Climb That Scaffold, Jimmy ‐ Bill Carter
31 Stranger Shake Hands With A Fool (uptempo version) ‐ Bill Carter
32 Looking Through The Bars ‐ Bill Carter
33 I’ve Missed You ‐ Bill Carter
34 Better Times Are Coming ‐ Bill Carter

GENRE: Country/Rockabilly
BARCODE: 5397102176500