Black Rose – Walk It How You Talk It – CD + DVD


Band: Black Rose

Label: Lost Realm Records

Format: CD + DVD

Catalogue Number: REALM078CD


It’s with great pleasure that we bring you the much sought after reissue of the second album by one of NWOBHM’s most cherish bands! Formed in 1980, BLACK ROSE are righteous possessors of immemorial recordings throughout their already long career. After classics like “No Point Runnin / Sucker for Your Love” released on a 7″ in 1982, or as well as the debut album “Boys Will Be Boys” from 1984, the band took an important step in their career, recording one of the best melodic heavy metal albums from the British 80’s metal scene. In this reissue we have not only added the album “Walk It How You Talk It”, but also the “Nightmare” EP from 1985, in a total of 13 songs specially remastered for CD. In addition, live footage and TV appearances videos will be available in a bonus DVD. A deluxe edition with a 20-page booklet with detailed band biography, song lyrics and rare photos. Limited to
500 copies.

01. California U.S.A. 
02. E.Z.L.Y. 
03. Don’t Fall In Love 
04. Bright Lights Burnin’ 
05. Walk It How You Talk It 
06. Shout It Out
07. Honestly In Love
08. Party Animal
09. Want Your Love
10. Nightmare
11. Need A Lot Of Lovin’
12. Rock Me Hard
13. Breakaway

01. No Point Runnin’
02. Poor Little Rich Girl
03. Shout It Out
04. Party Animal
05. California U.S.A.
06. Rock Me Hard

GENRE: Heavy Metal
BARCODE: 5601218180789
RELEASE DATE: 04/08/2023

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