Solbrud – Levende I Bronshoj Vandtarn – DVD + CDD

Band: Solbrud

Label: Eisenwald

Format: DVD + CDD

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Since their formation in 2009, Danish black metal act SOLBRUD have forged melodic and evocative
compositions in raw, storm-like, and atmospheric soundscapes. Their self-titled debut album was
released in 2012, and in 2014, the infernal ‘Jærtegn’ followed, displaying a natural sense for complex songwriting that was further cultivated on ‘Vemod’ in 2017. All three albums and the quartet’s intense live performances have consolidated SOLBRUD as a band with a special, artistic vision unfolding in uncompromising and boundary-pushing black metal. Besides their sonic output, the band have remained an insider tip but collected awards and praise from Danish/Scandinavian press all along
the way (Gaffa Music Awards, Newspapers, Steppeulven: Danish Critics Award) and played renowned
festivals (Roskilde, Inferno, Copenhell).

SOLBRUD are also known for performing at unique locations, with special care for lights and
props, which now results in ‘Levende I Brønshøj Vandtårn’, a carefully curated live double-album
and video. All tracks were recorded inside Brønshøj Water Tower in Copenhagen at two totally sold-out
nights. The tower is known for its brutalist architecture and unique acoustics – 15 seconds of
natural reverb, which creates a fitting atmospheric backdrop for the monumental sound of the band. On top of that, the tower was freezing cold, amplifying the nature of the music. Levende I Brønshøj
Vandtårn’ consists of eight tracks, including songs from all three previous SOLBRUD studio albums. Some songs have been rearranged and woven together, taking the special acoustics into account, while
others blast through in their original form. In addition to their set, the new song ‘Sjæleskrig’ was
added to their setlist, which resonates hauntingly in the great tower’s reverberance.

Along with the audio part, the entire concert was also captured on film – and the video footage
is included as a DVD on both the vinyl and CD releases of Levende I Brønshøj Vandtårn. Apart from
the impressive cover shots, the release also includes a booklet with photographs from the concert
inside the tower.

1. Øde Lagt [11:28]
2. Skygge [2:25]
3. Menneske [2:19]
4. Sortedøden [11:48]
5. Klippemennesket [13:05]
6. Bortgang [11:56]
7. Sjæleskrig [8:07]
8. Besat af Mørke [8:22]

GENRE: Nordic Black Metal
BARCODE: 4260393742819