British Lions – British Lions (Roaring Edition) – CD


Band: British Lions

Label: Think Like A Key Music

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: TLAK1161


From the alliance of Medicine Head’s John Fiddler and MOTT gave birth to a formidable new entity: British Lions. Their self‐titled debut secured a spot on the US charts—a notable accomplishment amidst the punk wave of 1978. Now, in this ‘roaring’ edition remastered by Prof. Stoned, every riff and lyric of their dynamic album pulsates with newfound vitality. This comprehensive release includes a 12‐page booklet, offering insight into the band’s journey, along with revealing demos and a bonus disc capturing a historic moment from their acclaimed US tour at San Francisco’s iconic Old Waldorf venue. Transport yourself to the electric autumn of 1978 with this release, where the very essence of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion reverberates through each note.

1. One More Chance To Run
2. Wild in The Streets
3. Break This Fool
4. International Heroes
5. Fork Talkin’ Man
6. My Life in Your Hands
7. Big Drift Away
8. Booster
9. Eat The Rich
10. Eat The Rich (Demo)
11. Can’t Get Over You (Demo)
12. Long Distance Love (Demo)
13. You Got Everything (Demo)
14. One More Chance To Run (Live in San Francisco, 1978)
15. Fork Talkin’ Man (Live in San Francisco, 1978)
16. Break This Fool (Live in San Francisco, 1978)
17. Come On (Live in San Francisco, 1978)
18. International Heroes (Live in San Francisco, 1978)
19. My Life In Your Hands (Live in San Francisco, 1978)
20. Love Now (Live in San Francisco, 1978)
21. Wild In The Streets (Live in San Francisco, 1978)
22. Booster (Live in San Francisco, 1978)
23. Medley: So You Want To Be A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star/It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll/Pretty Vacant (Live in
San Francisco, 1978)
24. Eat The Rich (Live in San Francisco, 1978)

GENRE: Rock/Classic Rock
BARCODE: 720053285413
RELEASE DATE: 17/11/2023

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