Insect Inside – The First Shining Of New Genus – CD

Band: Insect Inside

Label: Gore House Productions

Format: CD


‘The First Shining of New Genus’ is the debut album by Russian newcomers, INSECT INSIDE. The trio features current members of Traumatomy, Disfigurement of Flesh, and Morphogenetic Malformation, contributing to a symbiosis of several subgenres of brutal death metal. Fans of all things extreme, can expect technical riffs, dainty grooves, insane blast beats and more.
Housed with album art by Aghy Purakusuma (Scrotoctomy, Bleeding Murder, Guttural Disease), ‘The First Shining of New Genus’ was Mixed and Mastered by Goya Recording Studio. It also features guest vocal appearance by Kevin Muller (Soils of Fate, The Merciless Concept), Kirill Nazarov (Disfigurement of Flesh, Decomposition of Entrails), and Roman Vlasenko (Abnormity)

1. Intro
2. Sickening Ground
3. Posthumous Grief (ft. Kevin Muller)
4. The First Shining of New Genus
5. For The Glory of Swarm
6. Revival of Ungodly Deformity (ft. Kirill Nazarov)
7. Derelict Sanity
8. Evisceration Through Throat
9. Embalming For Chrysalis
10. Pulsating Earth (ft. Roman Vlasenko)

GENRE: Brutal Death Metal
BARCODE: 617395988808