Burner – Hittin’ The Target – Vinyl


Band: Burner

Label: Time To Kill Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: TTK102LP


Bürner are, and always will be, a hard rock band. So a Bürner fan is a Rock’n’Roll fan.
When Björn (guitar/vocals) and Mats (bass) finally found their drummer Jan, the trio is solid as a rock.
In September 2018 they wrote and recorded the songs for their first album which was released via Time To Kill Records in spring 2020. Now the Swedish diesel rockers Bürner are back!

After their first attack with the debut album “Baptized in Gasoline” the band has received praise from all corners of the globe. And after a successful tour with English monster Orange Goblin the band started focusing on their upcoming new album.

Bürner say:
“After the release of Baptized in Gasoline we continued to write new songs as always. Soon there was enough material for a second album and recording began. We always do everything with a smile and our sick sense of humor. The inspiration it comes from anything really, there are so many bands that have inspired us over the years. Janne came up with the idea for the cover and title and work moved on. We are really happy with the result and our fans will be in for a nice surprise. “Hittin’ The Target” will be our second release and once again it will be filled with hard rock’n roll riffs. The perfect soundtrack for gulping cold beer!”

Side A
1. Beer Before Glory
2. Burnerator
3. Haulin´ Ass
4. Bring Me The Fire
5. Warrior
Side B
6. Baptized In Gasoline
7. Soulmate Killer
8. Come Blow The Horn
9. Bloodstorm
10. Up Shit Creek
11 Farewell To Mankind
12 The Last Journey

GENRE: Hard Rock
BARCODE: 0667619607664
RELEASE DATE: 10/11/2023

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