Natron – Hung, Drawn & Quartered – Black Vinyl

Band: Natron

Label: Time To Kill Records

Format: Vinyl


Vinyl Press from the debut album (1997) of the the sickest and brutal death combo from Italy
– “When “Hung, Drawn & Quartered” came out people were like “ Dude, where are you gonna go with this?”. And they were quite right!

In 1997 with their schizoid death metal Natron sounded completely out of place in the metal scene. At this point we were just three pot-heads playing music which was way more complex and technical than our real skills, lyrics and imagery were ridiculously gory but we did not care that much, we loved brutality and were encouraged by our craziness to expand our music territories somehow, and mainly having a lot of fun.
That was still the time before any editing or whatever embellishment became a standard in death metal, production is muddy and sounds more like a rehearsal with one mike to record everything but hey, I’ve got great memories of this record!

This was our first official release after years of militancy in the underground, we were “Headfucker Magazine” favourites in that moment, our fanbase was growing and Holy Records found out the band with this album, signed us and took us to the next level.

That’s why we’re very excited about this vinyl release after 24 years, enjoy it and keep on rotting, fellers!”

Track list
– Elmer The Exhumer
– Enthroned In Repulsion
– Leechlord
– Flesh Of A Sick Virgin
– The Stake Crawlers
– Undead Awake
– Heretics Consume The Deceased
– Morgue Feast

GENRE: Brutal Death Metal
BARCODE: 7427129388995