Byrdi – Eventyr – Limited CD

Band: Byrdi

Label: Eisenwald

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: EISEN215CD
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Eventyr“, the debut record by Norwegian folk-act Byrdi, shows the work of two musicians, creating
the first touch of something bigger than we – as humans – are. On the occasion of the band’s tenth
anniversary, Eisenwald re-releases the album digitally and – for the first time – on CD.

Byrdi was founded in 2012 by Nash Rothanburg and Jørn Øyhus as an answer to an inner drive to
search and capture something wild thought evoking and mind-expanding. Using most of 2013 and
2014, both of them recorded „Eventyr“. It saw the light of day in late 2014 and harvested some nice
comments in the underground scene. Jørn left Byrdi in 2015 to pursue other musical endeavors, one of
which is Nordein, which also signed on Eisenwald. Instead, Andreas Paulsen, a longtime friend of Nash, joined Byrdi. Adding new elements and perspectives, but without wavering from the initial intention of Byrdi, they released the albums „Ansur: Urkraft“ (2016) and Byrjing (2020) and the single „Solsnu“ (2018). The latter now has more than two million streams on Spotify. The project draws inspiration from nature‘s multifaceted visual and audible impressions. The weather, the different seasons, and the smells they bring along for us to experience.

„Eventyr“ is the result of many personal journeys: spiritual, mental, and physical. Most of the music
was recorded at various locations around the area where Nash and Jørn live. Some of the places were
uncharted, others were dear and near -as long as the energy of the place gave them something, it was
considered suitable as a place of creation. At the time, the musicians were in a place in life, where
they evolved at a tremendous pace – a process that found its expression through musical creativity.
Consequently, the lyrics focus on the introverted part of being a human. Every track has a different
approach on these subjects – sometimes they manifest into songs about trolls, other songs embrace the
travel of life and some songs etch out hopes and dreams.

Since the first version was unintentionally released in mono, now the record got a stereo treatment –
newly mixed by former band member Jørn Øyhus in his own Bergart Studio and mastered by Greg
Chandler (Priory Recordings). It features a stunning artwork by David Thiérrée and a new, expanded
layout, created at House Of Inkantation, with archival footage from the phase while the album was

With „Eventyr“, Byrdi delivered a fresh take on nordic folk – authentic, handmade, emotive, and
unique. A reflection of personal spirituality, seen through the lens of nature and lore. Now fans of
dark, hypnotic music, who like to indulge themselves in the melancholic beauty of moody acoustic
guitars and chants, can finally take their chance to add this 2014 released gem to their collections – in
its definitive version.

01. Vardauger (1:08)
02. Skare (5:51)
03. Tuntroll (5:16)
04. En fullblods byrde (4:41)
05. Fanden og kvitekrist (5:15)
06. Hovslag (3:40)
07. Furer (5:11)
08. Speilet (2:23)

GENRE: Nordic Folk
BARCODE: 4260393745100