Cadaveria – Emptiness – CDD

Band: Cadaveria

Label: Time To Kill Records

Format: CDD


CADAVERIA is the creative alter-ego of Italian-based metal singer Raffaella Rivarolo, better known by her stage name Cadaveria, one of the first women to hit the extreme metal scene in the early Nineties.
CADAVERIA band was founded in 2001 by Cadaveria herself and drummer Marçelo Santos, to freely express themselves as musicians and extreme artists.

Since CADAVERIA’s debut album The Shadows’ Madame (2002) the band’s style is labeled Horror Metal, a definition that means everything and nothing and that, therefore, leaves them free to wander from Black Metal to classical Heavy Metal, passing through Doom Metal, Gothic Metal and, sometimes, a bit of Prog. The result is a very personal style, which does not follow any cliché, and a unique sound, imbued with gloomy and sinister atmospheres.The lyrics, intriguing, hermetic, introspective and poetic, mirror the soul, the personality and the spiritual path of the singer Cadaveria.

01 – The Great Journey (04.55)
02 – Shamanic Path (05.10)
03 – Emptiness (05.00)
04 – The Woman Who Fell to Earth (05.52)
05 – Divination (03.07)
06 – Matryoshcada (05.09)
07 – Silver Rain (04.24)
08 – The Cure (04.52)
09 – Life After (04.35)
10 – La Casa dell’Anima (04.55)
11 – The Sky That Screams Above Us (05.33)
12 – * Return (04.04) – Deine Lakaien cover
*bonus track, on the vinyl version only

GENRE: Horror Metal
BARCODE: 7427244451192