Cani Dei Portici – Hype For Nothing – CDD


Band: Cani Dei Portici

Label: Time To Kill Records

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: TTK087CD


Cani Dei Portici, inventors of dogcore music. Cani Dei Portici are a furious noise duo, they have played more than 200 shows with bands like Doom, Poison Arrows (ex Don Caballero), Zu, Qui, Samothrace, Ovo, and in many international fests. Hype For Nothing is their new album, out on Time to Kill: pure decibel triumph, art cover by Shintaro Kago, three videos. Cave canem.

Hype For Nothing is a concept album about the disappointment of life’s expectations, about unattainable hopes and dreams, about efforts made to gain nothing: African and Asian migrants who don’t make it to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea, a satisfying job or a good occupational pension that can never be reached, an untimely death, deferring to better times what we would like to do – and often, we just could; on another layer, the title is a joke about the album release.

01 Intro
02 Break Away
04 Hype For Nothing
05 Disappointment Waltz
06 Farfalle
07 [Untitled](ghost track)

GENRE: Noise/Dogcore/Post Hardcore
BARCODE: 7427244450690

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