Can’t Bear This Party! – Ain’t No Princess – Vinyl

Band: Can’t Bear This Party!

Label: Krod Records

Format: Vinyl


Can’t Bear This Party! Is an easycore pop-punk band based in Southern France. It is still, after +15 years, one of the most listened easycore pop-punk band. When we set up the pre-order in January of this record vinyl for the first pressing, it was almost sold out in two days (+150 orders). We have a few more left that we’d like to give to fans!

1. What Would You Expect from Guys Like Us (Intro)
2. So Quarrelsome
3. It’s U Between T&V
4. Ain’t No Princess Down Here
5. City’s So Sad
6. Yoko Dances Tonight (Never Let You Go)
7. Talk To The Phone Tone
8. The War
9. Sinking Ship
10. From Here to a Better Place
11. Song of Sirens

GENRE: Easycore Pop Punk
BARCODE: 619988891182