Celestial Season – Mysterium Ii – CD

Band: Celestial Season

Label: Burning World Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: BWR075CD


After taking some 20 years off, Dutch gothic doom‐death act Celestial Season roared back in 2020 with a startingly ambitious comeback album called The Secret Teachings, then followed up in April of this year with Mysterium I. Now just a scant 7 months later they’re back with the second part of a planned trilogy, dropping Mysterium II in time for Christmas stocking stuffing. For those unfamiliar with Celestial Season’s sound, they’re in the same space as classic My Dying Bride and early Anathema, with slow‐moving, melancholic doom compositions infused with weeping string sections and forlorn piano lines.

Since their comeback the band has renewed their 90s gothic doom sound with good results and they know how to cast a pall over a cheery evening. While Mysterium I was a good album full of bleak despair, it suffered from a feeling of sameness and lacked a heavy punch, with things becoming a wash of restrained sadboi gray. Mysterium II picks up where I left off stylistically, but can it find a way to lurch out of the ether and throttle your ennui more forcefully? Let’s hope!

The Divine Duty Of Servants 5:39
Tomorrow Mourning 8:59
Our Nocturnal Love 3:11
In April Darkness 5:45
The Sun The Moon And The Truth 7:33
Pictures Of Endless Beauty ‐ Copper Sunset 9:22

BARCODE: 9503131364788