Deha – Cruel Words – Vinyl

Band: Deha

Label: Burning World Records

Format: Vinyl


Vinyl release of the 2019 cd and digital release of Belgian metal mastermind Deha (Wolvennest)
Vinyl comes with art booklet of 8 pages and 3 vinyl only tracks, among them the The Gathering cover Saturnine.
Cruel Words isn’t flawless. The mix is just as squashed as the cruel laws ov otherwise wonderful albums dictate, and it does this annoying thing at the 10:18 mark of “Cruel Words” where the album ends. With its trudging stride, staunch avoidance of joy and relative structural predictability, this one may not be for everyone. On the other hand, with its cold emotional grip and its bloody‐sleeved honesty, this one may be too much in the best, worst way. However you spin it, Cruel Words is a well of emotion that both giveth to and drowneth listeners, an unsettling testimony to the powers of creative expression and the dark side of the mind.(

I Am Mine To Break
Pain Is A Wasteland
Blackness In Mayl
Dead Butterflies
Cruel Words
I am mine to break (acoustic) (vinyl bonus track)
Saturnine (The Gathering cover) (vinyl bonus track)
Comfort Me (vinyl bonus track)

GENRE: Doom/Sludge/Post Metal
BARCODE: 8592735010420