Chaos Commute – Fairytales And Nightmares – Vinyl

Band: Chaos Commute

Label: Krod Records

Format: Vinyl


“Fairytales and Nightmares” makes Hard Rock soft again. The twelve tracks on CHAOS COMMUTE’s debut album are as emotional as they are brutal. Between a raging self reflection with a feature by RICHIE RAMONE, casual condemnation of gentrification, a beautifully yearning ballad an angry anti-fascist anthem, singer and guitarist CAMILO BETANCOURT and drummer JULIAN SCHMAUCH are on the run AND on the hunt on these earworms.

1. ASAP feat. Richie Ramone 
2. Bluffing 
3. A Normal Day 
4. Oblivious 
5. Sorry 
6. Ease My Mind
7. One Way
8. Better Now
9. Hate
10. Cancer Cell
11. Surrender
12. Your Rage Feat. Suse

GENRE: Rock/Hard Rock/Punk