Cortina Protocol, The – The Cortina Protocol – Vinyl


Band: Cortina Protocol, The

Label: Subsound Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SSR0094


Briefcases exchanged against a grey brutalist skyline. A nameless man wiretaps a phone call while tape spools silently whirl. A stolen dossier slides across a pub table.

‘The Cortina Protocol’ is the sound of these images. Recorded in three days to tape at The Cowshed Studios in North London in early 2021 the album wiretaps the colder veins of 60s and 70s crime soundtracks, weaving tense cinematic atmospheres, hypnotic kraut-isms, and swirling psychedelic funk. Initially influenced by the widescreen aesthetics of Roy Budd, Heliocentrics, John Cameron, Tortoise, DJ Krush, Can, and 23 Skidoo, the album was spontaneously composed, taking many unexpected
paths yet creating a cohesive aesthetic throughout.

1. Prayer
2. Deep Terror
3 . Toad Venom
4- Pleasure Interface
5- The Empty Car
Side B
1 Silent Dispatch
3.Secret Funeral
4. The Last Outpost

GENRE: Soundtrack/Progressive Rock/Stoner Rock/Doom Metal
BARCODE: 0766429143734
RELEASE DATE: 17/11/2023

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