Countime – No Apologies, No Regrets – CD

Band: Countime

Label: Demons Run Amok

Format: CD


Street Hardcore from LA! Los Angeles is a melting pot of personal cultures – all of these influences mix COUNTIME into a hard sound. One has withdrawn into the “HEY DAYS” of Hardcore! 17 songs of pure LA Hardcore, which are not aimed to the hipsters, but for the streets! Pure old school hardcore is offered with borrowings from the NY Sound of the old days, coupled with the influences that LA has to offer. The lyrics are about family, friendship, honor, violence and unity! Billy Graziadei (BIOHAZARD, BILLY BIO…) did a fabulous job as a producer and gave the sound a contemporary reed without taking away its authenticity!

2. Drips
3. No Time
4. Leva
6. Keep It Movin
7. Switched Up
8. Reincarnation
9. LA Hardcore
10. Juzgame
11. Slow Your Role
12. Fugazi
13. No Turning Back
14. Byegones
15. Don’t Fuck With Us

GENRE: Hardcore
BARCODE: 4260161861940