Cryptobiosis – Chainsaw Crucifixion – CD

Band: Cryptobiosis

Label: Art Gates Records

Format: CD


Cryptobiosis are ready for their definitive and third assault to be unchained via Art Gates Records worldwide in 2021. Formed in 2014 in  Hamburg (Germany), the sound these metalheads create is a crushing blend of old school Death and Thrash Metal along with some classic NWOBHM elements and shred-infused solos. All in onegiving as a result the perfectly defined extremes ound of this sharp-edged chainsaw.

1.With Strange Aeons
2. Chainsaw Crucifixion
3.Man-Eating Tree
4. Madness
5. NecrObese
6. Slowly Mutilated
7. Consumed By Inhuman Powers 8. Screams From The Void
9. Celestial Noise
10. CoVoid 19
11. Even Death May Die
12. Silent Disintegration

GENRE: Death/Thrash Metal
BARCODE: 8445162442756