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    Aktarum - Trollvengers - CD

    Aktarum – Trollvengers – CD

    Aktarum are a 5-pieced combo from Belgium. The band distinguished itself with their “Troll Metal”
    sounds and stories, combining heavy loud riffing with epic melodies. Lyrically, these 5 trolls spread the tales and stories of the village of Aktarum, sharing their will of partying with everyone. After releasing different albums and ...

    Ankhara - Premonicion - CD

    Ankhara – Premonicion – CD

    The five-pieced combo started to make a name by themselves in the Madrid local scene in 1995, known for their passion and unique vision of Heavy Metal, sharing stages with many local and international powerhouse bands. After releasing the first albums of their career, the band splits in 2004 with ...

    Bloody Falls - Burn The Witch - CD

    Bloody Falls – Burn The Witch – CD

    This five-pieced killer combo was formed back in 2017 in the city of Valkeakoski (Finland). Their explosive sound combines all kind of elements of the most extreme metal genre, including blasting drums, epic passages and memorable guitar riffs that will make your head explode in a million pieces.TRACK LISTING
    2.Soul Ripper
    3.A Reason To ...

    Cryptobiosis - Chainsaw Crucifixion - CD

    Cryptobiosis – Chainsaw Crucifixion – CD

    Cryptobiosis are ready for their definitive and third assault to be unchained via Art Gates Records worldwide in 2021. Formed in 2014 in  Hamburg (Germany), the sound these metalheads create is a crushing blend of old school Death and Thrash Metal along with some classic NWOBHM elements and shred-infused solos. All in onegiving ...

    Dawn Ahead - Fallen Anthems - CD

    Dawn Ahead – Fallen Anthems – CD

    Dawn Ahead was originally founded between 2012 and 2014 by guitarist and songwriter Thomas Wolf, Colombian bassist Alfonso "Pocho" Mejia, drummer Jan Bechtloff, guitarist and songwriter Marcel Martin and vocalist Chrischaan Wilsberg. First songs were written and recorded by themselves in their home studios. Shortly after, rehearsals began. Dawn Ahead follows an ...

    Death & Legacy - D4rk Prophecies - CDD

    Death & Legacy – D4rk Prophecies – CDD

    The female fronted metal act Death and Legacy brings us terrific details about "D4rk Prophecies", the most extreme album created by the melodic death metal combo to date with outstanding international collaborations, which will be unveiled in April 14th 2023 via Art Gates Records.

    The obscure artwork has been designed by the ...

    Erzsebet - The Blasphemous Lady - CD

    Erzsebet – The Blasphemous Lady – CD

    This four-pieced combo was formed back in 2019 by members of bands such as Perennial Isolation, Acid Blood, Archetype X or Lvx In Tenebris. Combining the rawest riffs of Black Metal with symphonic arrangements and a very theatrical image. The band presents this first conceptual work based on the myth of Countess ...

    Grave Noise - Roots Of Damnation - CD

    Grave Noise – Roots Of Damnation – CD

    This 4-pieced combo was formed back in 2013 including members from the cities Burgos & Soria. While their sound combines the influences of the most raw Thrash Metal with modern and powerful sounds of the new generation of the Metal scene, based on international standards, these metalheads aim to create ...

    Hasswut - Mund Zu! - CD

    Hasswut – Mund Zu! – CD

    Hasswut is a mixture of danceable electronic tunes with sharped guitars, counting with two members of Mind Drillers in its line up. The band has toured all over Spain, France and Germany presenting their two previous albums“Wir Sind” (2014) and Falsch! (2017).

    After releasing Their last album “Atomkrieg” and sharing ...

    Havamal - Brutal Onslaught - CD

    Havamal – Brutal Onslaught – CD

    This brutal steamroller was formed back in 2004 in Martinez (California, USA). Taking inspiration from bands like Pantera, Sepultura, Testament and Machine Head, and infusing them with influences of New England metalcore and New York technical death metal. Almost Dead has created their own original powerful thrash groove sound that ...

    Havamal - The Shadow Chapter - CD

    Havamal – The Shadow Chapter – CD

    These sweds formed back in 2016 offer a unique sound with mighty orchestras, simple but beautiful riffs, and a wild mix of viking, black, power and death metal. With crowd-pleasing theatrical live appearances, Havamal brings the audience a complete metal experience. And finally, with the unique approach in the lyrics and the ...

    Heleven - Into The Oceans - CD

    Heleven – Into The Oceans – CD

    Heleven was formed back in september of 2016 with the goal of creating limitless music, composing songs with the ability to take you straight to your inner self, evoking all kind of feelings to the listener, no matter the genre. These spaniards proved they are here to stay with their debut album ...

    Infernal Hate - The Order Of The Black Kestrel - CD

    Infernal Hate – The Order Of The Black Kestrel – CD

    This power trio was formed back in 2000 in the Canary Islands (Spain). Their music is defined as Volcanic “Death Metal”, combining burning hot speed with edge cutting riffs and grountings from hell. The band takes no prisoners while executing a perfectly defined extreme music that can be compared to ...

    Injector - Hunt Of The Rawhead - CD

    Injector – Hunt Of The Rawhead – CD

    Injector was born in 2012, founded by Dani MVN and J. A. Ayala in Cartagena (Spain). A few months later Dany B and Alberto Dannaya (drums) would join the band. The first opus of the band comes out in 2013, receiving the title of “Harmony of Chaos”. In 2015 Injector signs ...

    Lampr3a - Esnse - CDD

    Lampr3a – Esnse – CDD

    Progressive instrumental metal formed in 2016 from the Basque Country.

    1. MAGLA -> Feat / Angel Vivaldi [Guitar Solo] & Frank Huncho [Trap Beat]
    2. ROCD -> Feat / Adhara Ausserladscheider [Vocals] & EÖL [Vocals]
    3. EVOLVE
    4. KәMFәRT -> Feat / Adhara Ausserladscheider [Vocals]
    5. XXIV // VII -> Feat / Stephen Taranto [Guitar ...