Dayglo Abortions – Feed Us A Fetus – Cassette

Band: Dayglo Abortions

Label: Unrest Records

Format: Cassette

Catalogue Number: UNRESTCS007


Argh, fuck, kill!! Feed Us A Fetus is now 35 years old!! Due to popular demand, here it is once again. Dayglo’s Feed Us A Fetus is their second full-length album, originally released in 1986. This is hands-down, the best Canadian punk record to emerge from the 80’s!! Aside from collecting most of the songs from their first 12” record entitled Out Of The Womb (1981), it also contains many brand new songs (at the time) that were even better than those on the first album. Many of their classic punk anthems are captured on this album and Unrest Records is the sixth label to release the album over the years, which is a testament to what a classic it really is. There should be one of these in every punk rocker’s collection. Don’t miss out!!

A1. Stupid Songs
A2. Argh Fuck Kill / Die Sinner Die
A3. Bedtime Story
A4. My Girl
A5. Dogfarts
A6. Inside My Head
A7. Wake Up America
A8. Proud to be a Canadian
A9. Stupid World
A10. Ronald McRaygun

B1. Kill the Hosers
B2. Religious Bumfucks
B3. 1967
B4. I Killed Mommy
B5. I’m My Own God
B6. Used to be in Love
B7. Suicide
B8. The Idiot
B9. Germ Attack
B10. Scared of People / Black Sabbath
B11. I Want To Be An East Indian