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    Autumnboy - Autumn Forever - Cassette

    Autumnboy – Autumn Forever – Cassette

    Autumnboy is no stranger to mixing genres. Blending modern Emo Rap with the nostalgic sounds of Midwest Emo and Post-Hardcore, Autumnboy has mixed his own creative flare in with these styles to create the fast paced, emotional soundscape that is Autumn Forever.

    The album covers the deep pains of mental health, growth, and ...
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    Buds - Full - Cassette

    Buds – Full – Cassette

    Buds. are an alternative punk rock band from Basingstoke UK made up of veterans of their fallen music
    scene. Their music consists of big singalong hooks powered by distorted guitars and punk rock energy.
    Their debut self titled EP released on Old Boat Records and recorded by Tom Hill (Muttering/ Modern
    Rituals) is ...
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    Cadaveria - Emptiness - Transparent Cassette

    Cadaveria – Emptiness – Transparent Cassette

    CADAVERIA is the creative alter-ego of Italian-based metal singer Raffaella Rivarolo, better known by her stage name Cadaveria, one of the first women to hit the extreme metal scene in the early Nineties.
    CADAVERIA band was founded in 2001 by Cadaveria herself and drummer Marçelo Santos, to freely express themselves as musicians and ...
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    Cult0 - Of The Sun - Transparent Cassette

    Cult0 – Of The Sun – Transparent Cassette

    First there was darkness, then CultØ came. In 2015 Dave started writing the music he wanted to listen
    to and play, inspired by In Flames, Bloodbath and Septicflesh. In 2019 he had enough songs to record
    a full album so he put together the right team to do it. The first rehearsal ...
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    Dayglo Abortions - Feed Us A Fetus - Cassette

    Dayglo Abortions – Feed Us A Fetus – Cassette

    Argh, fuck, kill!! Feed Us A Fetus is now 35 years old!! Due to popular demand, here it is once again. Dayglo’s Feed Us A Fetus is their second full-length album, originally released in 1986. This is hands-down, the best Canadian punk record to emerge from the 80’s!! Aside from collecting most ...
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    Deathcrush - Under Serpents Reign - Cassette

    Deathcrush – Under Serpents Reign – Cassette

    Deathcrush is a trio formed in 2003 in Bessude, Sardinia (Italy). Their music is a furious old school death metal with blackned and brutal riffings. After demos, ep and live shows across sardinia and italy in 2013, the band signed the first deal with casket music for the worldwide release of their ...
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    Green Mantis - Kill The Plague - Cassette

    Green Mantis – Kill The Plague – Cassette

    Anti human black thrash & roll !
    Mexican/Serbian Destruction
    The side project of ACIDEZ’s guitarist Rodo Insaniac and TERRORHAMMER’s vocalist Pentagramator.

    Kill The Plague
    Die Human Die!
    This War Goes On
    Deadliest Poison

    GENRE: Black Metal/Thrash Metal
    BARCODE: 034966655639 ...
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    In The Woods… - Heart Of The Ages - Cassette

    In The Woods… – Heart Of The Ages – Cassette

    The 1995 masterpiece finally re‐issued with original artwork & bonus tracks!
    Limited edition cassette with 5‐panel J‐cardIn The Woods... originally started out as the death metal band Green Carnation, until the bands lead member (main composer and guitarist Tchort) left to join the black metal legends Emperor. After Tchorts departure, the remaining band ...
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    Osi And The Jupiter - Stave (Clear Red) - CASSETTE

    Osi And The Jupiter – Stave (Clear Red) – CASSETTE

    On their fourth full-length album "Stave", Osi and the Jupiter provide listeners with a unique journey through the delicate sounds of what may have been believed to be long lost; allowing for a truly immersive experience that is informed by the innate mysticism still dwelling beneath the surface of their native ...
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    Ossuary, The - Oltretomba - Cassette

    Ossuary, The – Oltretomba – Cassette

    The Italian word "Oltretomba" stands for the underworld but is also a tribute to the golden age of Italy's cinematic culture in the 70s and 80s with horror films by Fulci, Argento, Bava and the music of Morricone. The magical, strong-willed and at the same time obscure attraction is also inherent in ...
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    Qwalen - Syva Hiljaisuus - Clear Purple Cassette

    Qwalen – Syva Hiljaisuus – Clear Purple Cassette

    The second album ponders the sheep-like nature of humanity, the inevitability of destruction, the acceptance of being faulted and surrendering to a greater force. Syvä hiljaisuus reflects Qwälen’s vision and world more clearly than ever. Like a dirty knife. Painful and infectious.

    Qwälen became what it is in 2017. The ...
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    Violentor - Manifesto Do Odio - Limited Cassette

    Violentor – Manifesto Do Odio – Limited Cassette

    Time To Kill Records proudly presents the return of the Italian Bastards Violentor with the new
    album "Manifesto di Odio". Violentor started in 2004 as main project of Alessio Medici as vocalist and guitar player. With a sound ixpired from 80's metal and punk hardcore and releasing four albums, singles and playing several live ...
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    Wyrdlander - Wyrdlander - Cassette

    Wyrdlander – Wyrdlander – Cassette

    WYRDLANDER is the ambient project of David Thiérréé, fully recorded and illustrated by David himself. David is known for his many works and illustrations with elite musicians in extreme metal (Behemoth, Ihsahn, Gorgoroth etc.) " WYRDLANDER is an attempt to create sound collages and audible landscapes linked to my artworks. I tried to ...
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