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    Autumnboy - Autumn Forever - Cassette

    Autumnboy – Autumn Forever – Cassette

    Autumnboy is no stranger to mixing genres. Blending modern Emo Rap with the nostalgic sounds of Midwest Emo and Post-Hardcore, Autumnboy has mixed his own creative flare in with these styles to create the fast paced, emotional soundscape that is Autumn Forever.

    The album covers the deep pains of mental health, growth, and ...
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    Buds - Full - Cassette

    Buds – Full – Cassette

    Buds. are an alternative punk rock band from Basingstoke UK made up of veterans of their fallen music
    scene. Their music consists of big singalong hooks powered by distorted guitars and punk rock energy.
    Their debut self titled EP released on Old Boat Records and recorded by Tom Hill (Muttering/ Modern
    Rituals) is ...
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    In The Woods… - Heart Of The Ages - Cassette

    In The Woods… – Heart Of The Ages – Cassette

    The 1995 masterpiece finally re‐issued with original artwork & bonus tracks!
    Limited edition cassette with 5‐panel J‐cardIn The Woods... originally started out as the death metal band Green Carnation, until the bands lead member (main composer and guitarist Tchort) left to join the black metal legends Emperor. After Tchorts departure, the remaining band ...
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    Osi And The Jupiter - Stave (Clear Red) - CASSETTE

    Osi And The Jupiter – Stave (Clear Red) – CASSETTE

    On their fourth full-length album "Stave", Osi and the Jupiter provide listeners with a unique journey through the delicate sounds of what may have been believed to be long lost; allowing for a truly immersive experience that is informed by the innate mysticism still dwelling beneath the surface of their native ...
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