Defying – Wadera – CDD


Band: Defying

Label: These Hands Melt

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: HAND16CD


“Wadera” is a concept album inspired by the Polish horror film “The Wolf” (1983) and the short story “Wadera” (1977) by Jerzy Gierałtowski. The album is a musical story about revenge from beyond the grave, told in the spirit of dark romanticism.

1. Tempus Infaustum
2. …miast cichac szemraja…
3. The Fugue
4. Incomprehensibly woken
5. The Acquaintance Shade
6. The Lurking Spectres
7. Cremaberis igne aeterno!
8. Reluctant to the Grave
9. Misbegotten 05:55
10. Quietus 06:45

GENRE: Progressive Post-Metal
BARCODE: 0806812229673
RELEASE DATE: 23/02/2024

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