Devin James Fry & Sari Andoni – Radicans – Vinyl


Band: Devin James Fry & Sari Andoni

Label: Old Faithful Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: OFR004


A stunning collaboration between Denver songwriter Devin James Fry and Palestinian oud master Sari Andoni, “Radicans” is a meditation on the value of setting aside expectations, opening one’s heart to another, and letting the ear guide. Coming as it does during a time of reckoning and unrest in America, “Radicans” is a purposeful mingling of Arab and American folk and psychedelic music traditions, and serves as a lucid reminder that we are at our best creatively when we let ourselves be vulnerable with others.

Recorded live at Driftwork Sound in Austin TX, and featuring Janie Cowan on upright bass and Clayton Lillard at the drums, this deep eight-song includes tracks spanning decades. Lead track ‘Abuse Nobody’ was co-written by Fry and Andoni for this session, while the album’s heaviest track ‘The Animal Kingdom’ has been heard at Fry’s live shows reaching back 18 years.

Track listing:
Side A
1. Abuse Nobody
2. Black Pearl
3. When You Face It
4. Beekeeper
Side B
1. Four Legs
2. The Animal Kingdom
3. Where Do My Bluebird Fly
4. Loving Dead

GENRE: Arab/American Folk/Psychedelia
BARCODE: 695924330878

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