Dwelling Below – Dwelling Below – 8-Panel Glow-In-The-Dark Effect Digipak


Band: Dwelling Below

Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: TOR186


Dwelling Below give us a darker, filthier and uglier interpretation of death/doom metal that will make sure you never leave the sewers. Their seamless, intuitive and admittedly improvised music keeps you hooked and bogged down to their slow but steady rhythm, their hypnotic and ever festering tunes gain control of your motor functions, and cajoled by the eerie psychedelia-laced atmosphere and plaintive leads, the insidious music eventually even seeps into your thoughts and renders them useless. You become a slave to their brand of compelling, entrancing music, slowly marching away to your doom.

The sound remains down-to-earth and organic, frighteningly palpable for music of this kind, ensuring that every kind of horror is felt if not inflicted. With the founding members having dwelled for too long in this toxic, atonal environment comprising of Acausal Intrusion and others, it’s only natural that the twisted dissonances from their mutated beings reveal themselves in this form of music too, which only makes things interesting. There is remarkable coherency with everything that is going on, even with the music taking on beastly forms to express itself, and it becomes obvious that the songwriting and talent here is on another level. It manages to do more than your average death/doom record and leaves you scarred in more ways than one, even subliminally..

1. Attraction Vulgarity 09:06
2. Swallowed 08:05
3. Emergence Sublimation 10:48
4. Sheltered Acceptance 09:59

GENRE: Death Metal/Doom Metal
BARCODE: 0612789664467
RELEASE DATE: 08/12/2023

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