Ed Bruce – See The Big Man Cry: Complete Sun & Wand Recordings – CDD

Band: Ed Bruce

Label: Bear Family Records

Format: CDD


See The Big Man Cry ‐ The complete SUN and Wand recordings 1957 – 65, plus…
1‐CD (Digipak) with 32‐page booklet, 30 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

* Bear Family presents ‘See The Big Man Cry – The complete SUN and Wand recordings from 1957 – 65, plus…’, the first complete CD collection of Ed Bruce’s outstanding early recordings from 1956 to 1965.
* During that time he recorded for Sun Records, RCA Victor, TransSonic, Wand and Apt Records, among others.
* No masters had been re‐released on CD ‐ until now!
* Including several recordings initially left forgotten in the Sun archives.
* In the U.S. Ed Bruce was best known for TV shows and movies and as a country singer in later years ‐ in Europe he is recognized for his great mix of rockabilly, country and country soul.
* Extensive liner notes in the richly illustrated booklet.
* Wherever possible, like in the case of RCA and Wand, we have dubbed from digital copies of the original masters!

While American audiences know him best as a craggy, calm presence in countless TV shows and films (with an emphasis on Westerns) from the 1980s on, dedicated rockabilly fans are more liable to be aware of Ed Bruce’s recorded legacy. He debuted in 1957 as a fresh‐faced teenaged rocker at Sun Records billed as Edwin Bruce with the classic Rock Boppin’ Baby, and proceeded to cut for RCA Victor, Wand, and a couple of smaller concerns before finally notching his first country chart entry a full decade later.

‘See The Big Man Cry’ contains everything Edwin released during his first burst of studio activity, including obscure one‐off singles for TransSonic and Apt. There are also 10 sides that Sun didn’t see fit to release at the time, including Eight Wheel Driver, Baby That’s Good and Doll Baby. Bruce died January 6, 2021, and ‘See The Big Man Cry’ stands as a fitting 30‐song tribute to the late singer/actor’s fascinating early years on record.

Track listing:
01 Rock Boppin’ Baby
02 More Than Yesterday
03 Eight Wheel Driver
04 Ballad Of Ringo (Sun unissued)
05 King Of Fools ‐1 (Sun unissued)
06 Just Being With You (Sun unissued)
07 Alone With A Broken Heart (Sun unissued)
08 You Come To me (Sun unissued)
09 Sweet Woman (Sun unissued)
10 Baby That’s Good (Sun unissued)
11 Part Of My Life
12 Sweet Woman
13 Doll Baby (Sun unissued)
14 King Of Fools ‐2 (Sun unissued)
15 Flight 303
16 Spun Gold
17 It’s Coming To Me
18 The Greatest Man
19 The Workingman’s Prayer
20 Don’t Let It Happen
21 See The Big Man Cry
22 I Won’t Cry Anymore
23 (And Then) He Gave Her To Me
24 If I Never Get To Heaven
25 You Need A New Love
26 I’m Gonna Have A Party
27 Half A Love
28 Ebb Tide
29 Unbreakable Heart
30 Save Your Kisses ‐ Tommy Roe

GENRE: Rockabilly/Country/Country Soul
BARCODE: 5397102176166