Emanation – The Emanation Of Begotten Chaos From God – CD

Band: Emanation

Label: Cavsas

Format: CD

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“Science and religion; facts and faith”…. The brainchild of Spanish multi-instrumentalist CG Santos (also of Teitanblood and Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere), Emanation is a disembodied auditory reflection on various cryptic ruminations surrounding science, faith, belief, and their many ramifications within human consciousness. One of the most mutant and defiant black metal entities to emerge in the last decade, the now dormant and always elusive project reached the pinnacle of its deconstructed and aberrant expression with 2011’s one-hour and eleven minute long masterpiece and heirloom of total sensorial dissolution “The Emanation of Begotten Chaos from God”, now seeing the light for the first time ever on vinyl format to coincide with and celebrate the 10th anniversary of its conceivement.

The glorious double album incarnates via CAVSAS and US label Sentient Ruin through a carefully crafted high end double LP edition envisioned with maniacal care by the artist and both labels to enshrine the work in its ultimate and most timeless physical incarnation yet. CAVSAS also offers a limited Edition CD in 6 panels Digisleeve.
CD Edition of 300 copies in 6 panels Digisleeve, Matt Lamination. 6 Tracks. Running Time 72:05

GENRE: Doom Metal/Drone/Experimental
BARCODE: 694536563476