Ephemeral – Into Being (6-Panel Digipak W/20-Page Booklet)


Band: Ephemeral

Label: These Hands Melt

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: HAND12CD


Ephemeral, a trio formed in Germany in 2019, paints a sonic world based on vivid, heartfelt and timeless progressive dark‐folk, lyrically inspired by English literature from various centuries as well as by reflections on human longing, growth and the cyclical nature of life, in which every ending gives rise to a new beginning.

Each song of “Into Being”, the band’s debut full‐length, deals with the shedding of one’s old skin for a new one, following the path toward the unknown and the beauty of letting go to give rise to new beginnings. 

The album is packaged in a beautiful, high‐quality 6‐panel digipack including a 20‐page booklet with lyrics and a breathtaking artwork by Valerie Savinova.

1. Chrysalis
2. Let Go
3. Disappear
4. The Cruel Sister
5. Ororerg
6. The Call
7. A Valediction: Dido’s Lament
8. Floating
9. Fire and Rose

GENRE: Dark/Prog-Folk
BARCODE: 806812229727
RELEASE DATE: 24/11/2023

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