Evangelion – Revelations Or The Spawn Of Greed And War – CDD

Band: Evangelion

Label: Auric Records

Format: CDD


Melodic Black Metal meets epic Doom, screams that tear the vocal cords meet sublime clear singing and sacred choirs and baroque melodies meet the latest synth sounds. The stylistic mixture of 90s BM with Swedish influences and Doom, as well as the combination of screams and clear vocals, already on the EP, was refined on the long player and achieved an expressiveness that can hardly be found in Black Metal these days.
For fans of Dissection, Samael, The Unanimated, Naglfar, Thulcandra, Gates of Ishtar, Broknagar.

1 – The Reign Of The Prophets
2 – Of Mercenaries And Marauders
3 – From Pandemonium
4 – Vanitas (instrumental)
5 – A King‘s Dream II
6 – The Deathsman
7 – Pestis (instrumental)
8 – As The Soldiers Leave The Battleground…
9 – Premonition (instrumental)

GENRE: Metal/Black Metal/Death Metal
BARCODE: 8445490674898