Evil Fuzzheads, The – Evil Savage Voodoo – Vinyl

Band: Evil Fuzzheads, The

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SFR129


Following their smashing debut ”The Fuzz‐O‐Phonic Sound Of” ”Evil Savage Voodoo” is the sophomore album by the EVIL FUZZHEADS.

The band is led by singer and guitarist Eric St John (THE VICE BARONS, THE MIGHTY GORDINIS, THE RATBOYS, to name a few) while his daughter Iris St John is playing the bass. This time around, Magic Nico (MIGHTY GORDINIS, THE MOON INVADERS, THE CAROLOREGIANS and too many other bands to mention) has joined behind the drum kit and on hammond organ. The result is stellar: the sound is crisp and hammond and fuzz are battling on every track.

The tempo is steady and the groove is tight. From the very first song onwards you’ll definitely struggle to shake these tunes out of your head. You can instead enjoy a rockin‘ combination of 60’s garage, fuzz, hammond, reverb and melodic beat. Perfect for any 60’s‐garage‐dance‐party with uptempo, groovy classic garage‐rock‐tunes like ”Each Night”, ”Sell Out My Soul”, ”Baby I Don’t Care” or ”Here Comes The Future”, yet with a sinister and dreamy hint of psychedelia coming up for air here and there in ”Together We Are Love” for instance. The songs are fierce yet catchy as hell and are soon to be classics of 60’s influenced garage.

1. Can’t Shake Her Out Of My Head
2. Each Night
3. Sell Out My Soul
4. Velvet Canyon
5. Baby I Don’t Care
6. Together We Are Love
1. Here Comes The Future
2. The Damage
3. Something About You
4. Can The Martians Read Our Minds?
5. Lost In The World
6. Girls On The Phone

GENRE: Garage/Rock
BARCODE: 4251896104631