Johnny Tramuntana – Carreau Plein Fer – Vinyl

Band: Johnny Tramuntana

Label: Soundflat

Format: Vinyl


JOHNNY TRAMUNTANA was blown down from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean shoreline some time between the Yé-Yé Sixties and the 80’s garage boom. The tramontane wind that carried the group is at the heart of their sound, along with the Catalan sardane and a certain taste for teenage seaside fun.

From universal love songs, through weird instrumentals to motorbike fantasies, dreams of California girls and tales of everyday life around the market-square, “Carreau Plein Fer” is not afraid to fly the colours of its southern homeland. With the exception of one great cover version of JOHNNY HALLYDAY’s “Laisse les filles” you will find twelve fabulous originals to twist and shout to.

The language is French, the accent proudly local and sung with energetic conviction.
So head down to the beach with your picnic basket and your shades, JOHNNY TRAMUNTANA is waiting to blow you away with their debut album “Carreau Plein Fer”.

1. Fou d’amour
2. Entrées maritimes
3. Monstre de Rivière
4. Geronimo
5. El viatge
6. Le rêve californien
1. La fille au Coeur d’acier
2. Place cassanyes
3. Pam est là
4. Capeline
5. Laisse les Filles
6. Le vent
7. Surf sur la têt

GENRE: Garage/Rock N Roll/Beat
BARCODE: 4250137288284