Evil King – The Dark Age – CD

Band: Evil King

Label: Elevate Records

Format: CD


First album for this Greek Argentine band that sung an epic power progressive metal. A really nice concept album, dedicated to the crusades that will delight those who love Queensryce sounds, Fates Warning and similar bands. The album was voted the best power metal release of March 2021 and now here it is in the physical version in an elegant digipack.

GENRE: Metal/Power Metal
BARCODE: 606707596695

1. Intro (El Templario)
2. Jerusalem
3. The Dark Age
4. A Sinful Allegiance
5. Ancient Calling
6. Kiss Me Goodbye
7. The Order of Things
8. The Holy Grail
9. A Lonesome Vision
10. Apophis (The Bonescraper)
11. Kiss Me Goodbye (Bonus video clip version)