Fabricant – Drudge To The Thicket – CD


Band: Fabricant

Label: Profound Lore Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: PFL304


Bay Area technical death metal entity FABRICANT leverages any musical tool for their riff and song
fabrication. Speed, stillness, technicality, simplicity, consonance, dissonance… are all at play for the
express purpose of telling the stories of humanity’s hubris, madness, and frailty.

FABRICANT glimpsed into this black vortex, extracted the raw materials of inspiration, and refined the chaos into the ten fully actualized, death metal songs on their debut album “Drudge to the Thicket”.

This album was FABRICANT’s obsession: a forbidden riddle to solve. From its beginnings stretching
as far back as their 2010 demo and to its ultimate end, this album inhabited the deepest recesses of
their minds as an omnipresent consumer of thought. With the arrival of this debut, FABRICANT frees
themselves of this thicket. The battle was hard-won, but the next ones inexorably begin. From new
obsessions to delirium to the mundane, consciousness marches onwards, screaming out at all of
existence for answers, only to feebly fall on deaf ears. Descend into the chaos with FABRICANT.

1. Prey To Whom, 2. Eloper’s Revelations, 3. Demigod Prototype, 4. Song Of Stillness, 5. Disjunct, 6.
Headless, 7. Borderland Vigil, 8. Adrift The Sleepless Swamp, 9. Drudge To The Thicket, 10. Until
The Heavens Grow Dark

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