Falls Of Rauros – Key To A Vanishing Future – CD

Band: Falls Of Rauros

Label: Eisenwald

Format: CD


Based out of Portland, Maine, Falls of Rauros have continued to expand and elaborate on what has developed into their characteristic sound since their formation as a two-piece in 2005. Having expanded into a fully-realized and collaborative quartet, the band’s sound is both immersive and immediately impactful, with rich detail and sonic textures that warrant repeat listens throughout their discography.

Intent on exploring the common ground between black metal, rock, and folk music, the group’s collective goal is not to build bridges to connect disparate genres, but to chisel the raw materials of each into something seamless and new. For 15 years, the band has quietly honed their craft in the seaside city of Portland, Maine, far from the noise of the country’s more storied metropolises, occasionally punctuating their periods of reclusivity with sparse touring throughout the United States and Canada for select live appearances. Falls of Rauros’ latest release “Key to a Vanishing Future”, which is scheduled for release through Eisenwald in 2022, features yet another set of forward-thinking compositions from a band that refuses to remain idle. Devoid of any fan-service or nostalgic tributes to genre-conventions, “Key to a Vanishing Future” is the most intricate and exploratory work of the band’s career, while at the same time managing to be their most visceral and immediate sonic creation.

While not a concept album in the traditional sense, all of Falls of Rauros’ work is bound by the exploration of a unifying theme. As pertains to “Key to a Vanishing Future”, the underlying concept explored is based on the fact that humans are born into this world without consent and forced to take on both the weight of human history and a responsibility for shaping the future. Both the failures and successes of previous generations are passed to the next, and the younger generation has no choice but to inherit the world they are given. Tradition, religion, debt, disease, addiction, the histrionics of desperate people living in a crumbling empire; all of these things wedge their way into our lives whether we invite them to or not. As such, the album’s lyrics explore the idea of obligatory inheritance.

1. Clarity
2. Desert of Heart
3. Survival Poem
4. Known World Narrows
5. Daggers In Floodlight
6. Poverty Hymn

GENRE: Post/Black Metal
BARCODE: 4260393744325