Feaces Christ – Gimme Morgue! – CD

Band: Feaces Christ

Label: Fda Records

Format: ‌CD


Bavarian blood suckers FEACES CHRIST finally are coming up with their long awaited debut full length.
„Gimme Morgue!“ contains 33 minutes pure putrefaction parted in 13 songs. Let’s call it an festival for
Death Metal Punx, an album for fans of DEATH BREATH, NEKROFILTH, MIDNIGHT or MACABRE.

Track listing:
01. The Goatse and the Goat
02. Fulci lives
03. Cadaverous Erection
04. Menstrual Cup
05. Rancid Romance
06. Bar Fights
07. People piss me off
08. Rest in Piss
09. Parasite
10. Two Wheels are better than Four
11. Melted to Slime
12. Video Nasty
13. Embalmed in Vomit

GENRE: Death Metal/Punk
BARCODE: 4046661733624