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    Cataleptic - The Tragedy - CD

    Cataleptic – The Tragedy – CD

    CATALEPTIC was formed 2003 and contains members from well known acts like Gorephilia, Corpsessed or Solothus. F.f.o. Temple Of Void, Saturnus, Insomnium, Wine From Tears or early Tiamat.
    „The Tragedy“ was produced/engineered and recorded by Matti Mäkelä (Corpsessed, Profetus, Tyranny) at Furnace 5034 during June'20 and January'21 and mastered by Henri „Trollhorn“ Sorvali ...

    Dead Chasm - Dead Chasm - CD

    Dead Chasm – Dead Chasm – CD

    We're excited to announce female fronted North-Italian Death/Doom trio DEAD CHASM are now
    a part of the FDA Records label roster. The band was formed back in 2020 by Lorenza (guitar/vokillz), Gigi (bass) and Dave (drums) to create some morbid and putrefied tunes. Early 2021 they entered the ADSR DECIBEL studio and recorded ...

    Deathswarm - Forward Into Oblivion - CD

    Deathswarm – Forward Into Oblivion – CD

    DEATHSWARM from Uppsala, Sweden formed in 2017 to compose uncompromising classic Death Metal in the vein of BOLT THROWER or their landmates DISMEMBER. Three of the five bandmembers are also known from the old Swedish Melodic Death Metal band SARCASM. 2019 marks the year of Deathswarm's fantastic debut album „Shadowlands ...

    Feaces Christ - Gimme Morgue! - CD

    Feaces Christ – Gimme Morgue! – CD

    Bavarian blood suckers FEACES CHRIST finally are coming up with their long awaited debut full length.
    „Gimme Morgue!“ contains 33 minutes pure putrefaction parted in 13 songs. Let's call it an festival for
    Death Metal Punx, an album for fans of DEATH BREATH, NEKROFILTH, MIDNIGHT or MACABRE.

    Track listing:
    01. The Goatse and the ...

    Ophis - Spew Forth Odium - CD

    Ophis – Spew Forth Odium – CD

    Could you tell me who is the most rotten funeral Death/Doom band ? OPHIS from Germany ? Yep, you're right. The band is back with their 5th. full length album. Six brandnew songs in 63 minutes musical melancholy, the soundtrack of autumn and winter, of sorrow, pain and doom. The new album called ...

    Rapture - Malevolent Demise Incarnation - CD

    Rapture – Malevolent Demise Incarnation – CD

    RAPTURE specializes in uncompromising Death/Thrash Misanthropy and extremity. Three years after the release of their critically acclaimed 2nd album “Paroxysm of Hatred” (Memento Mori Rec.), this will be the most extreme and hatred-filled Rapture album to date. Expect nothing less than an overwhelming storm of disgusting and untamed aural horrorshow.Tracklist
    1. Malevolent Demise Incarnation
    2 ...

    Rexul - Erebus…Virtuosus…Alpha - CD

    Rexul – Erebus…Virtuosus…Alpha – CD

    The young band REXUL, made up of experienced musicians, comes from NRW / Germany and is now presenting their debut album "Erebus ... Virtuosus ... Alpha ...".
    Hateful, satanic, nasty and brutal, there are 13 tracks (including intros / outros) fired into your ear canals. Pure, classically American, heavy Death Metal for fans ...

    Scalpture - Feldwarts - CD

    Scalpture – Feldwarts – CD

    The German Death Metal bulldozer SCALPTURE is back with a brandnew 9-track album.
    The band decided to give the album the German title „Feldwärts“ what means in English „Fielward“ and continues the previous album themes, about the horrors of First World War.
    Expect nothing less than total Death Metal destruction in the ...

    Slaughterday - Tyrants Of Doom - CD

    Slaughterday – Tyrants Of Doom – CD

    SLAUGHTERDAY, one of Europe's Death Metal leaders return with a brandnew album named 'Tyrants of Doom'. This devasting masterpiece marks the fourth full length album and contains 10 authentic brainmelting songs. Musically way another step forward and so far the band's most refined and mature album. Rotteness meets melancholy meets brutality and melody.Track ...

    Toadeater - Bexadde - CD

    Toadeater – Bexadde – CD

    Lower Saxoxy's finest Black Metal outfit TOADEATER have completed their 3rd. album which is going to be released through FDA Records in september. Toadeater started back in 2018 as a three piece and released so far the „Codex“ album (2019) which was more influenced by their Hardcore roots, 2020 the „Hestia“ EP and ...

    Vomit Spell - Vomit Spell - CD

    Vomit Spell – Vomit Spell – CD

    After the furious 2020' demo VOMIT SPELL from Mainz/Germany are finally back with their self-titled debut album. Harsh Death Metal influenced Grindcore. Musically rotted between REPULSION, early CARCASS, BLOOD or NAKED WHIPPER. 10 new mega brutal songs in 34 minutes, mixed and mastered by Koichi Hara at Hara Studio. The cover artwork was drawn ...