Firehouse – The Story Of Italian A.O.R. Band 1987-1994 (Limited) – CDD

Band: Firehouse

Label: Music For The Masses Records

Format: CDD


The new release from Music for the Masses is a special one, for many reasons First of all, the Remastered reissue of the only two albums (the debut was never issued on CD before!) released by the Italian Firehouse, nearly impossible to find nowadays, if not at incredible prices. And then the desire to share with you two records that came out in the late 80s-early 90s, which could should have become A.O.R. masterpieces. You have to take into consideration several factors, while approaching these albums.

The recordings are about 25 years old and the albums were released with no internet around or, at least, wasn’t used the way it is today. Technology wasn’t of course as advanced as today and it was much harder to promote a record without social networks and so on.

In spite of that, the Italian Firehouse put out two true A.O.R. gems, the first in 1987…a year in which their U.S. eponymous band weren’t even formed!
That’s the reason why we strongly desire that you will be able to discover 2 fundamental albums which show the artistry of this Italian band.

BARCODE: 2952350026040

The package is a truly elegant one, a double 6-fold digipack in numbered edition, limited and numbered to 300 copies.

1 Overture 987
2 The Secret Of The Sky
3 Open Your Wall
4 Way Out For Freedom
5 Pray
6 Time To Fly
7 Dreaming Black 8
 Break The Bonds
9 The Day Of Your Power
10 House Of The Fire
11 This Is My Life

1 I Need the Fire
2 Calling Your Name
3 In My Eyes
4 Striking
5 Running Into Danger
6 The Prince Of Darkness
7 Labyrinth 
8 A Dream Again
9 Stonework
10 Fly By Night
11 The Color Of Your Kiss